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Thank you for your interest in CommSoft® Systems Development, headquartered in Santa Cruz County, CA, the brainchild of Jim Wright

CommSoft has been consulting throughout the United States since 1992 on software development, licensing, project management, and open source.  CommSoft President Jim Wright is both a well known intellectual property attorney and a software architect, specializing in open source, commercial IT procurement (both buy and sell side), privacy and security, software content auditing, and compliance management.   A regular public speaker and known personality in open source legal circles, over the past few years he has spoken and written on numerous topics, including patents and permissive licensing, the licensing of the Linux kernel and loadable kernel modules, the politics of open source participation, and new copyleft and other FOSS license and business models.


Jim also has extensive experience in security policy and auditing, source code management, and application development.  CommSoft is additionally closely associated with other highly talented senior software architects and attorneys who may subcontract or collaborate on CommSoft projects when required.  


We are happy to assist with:


·      Managing open source and other third party IP licensing practices including creation of and training on license policies

·      Creating conformant, auditable compliance tracking systems

·      Intellectual property disputes

·      Auditing third party content from both licensing and security perspectives in existing software and hardware systems

·      Procurement of complex software and turnkey hardware/software solutions, and

·      Solving complex problems in software development, licensing and policy.


Please feel free to reach out by email with questions about our services to



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